Used oil is dangerous waste. If not disposed of correctly or used inappropriately, it can be extremely polluting.

Regeneration is the process which best valorises the collected product, because it transforms the used oil into a regenerated lubricating base, whose features are similar to those of lubricating bases produced directly from processing crude oil.  When comparing the molecules of a new base and those of a regenerated base, the second performs betters, since it does not contain molecules which are volatile or too heavy.

ROBI Ambiente's main objective is to constantly improve product quality and we reach this objective through a Quality Policy.

The whole oil production cycle is monitored and checked continuously by expert technicians. The automatic checks along with the computerised techniques allow for a homogenous interpretation of the results and the definition of preventive measures for preserving product qualitative consistency.

ROBI Ambiente has achieved the Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.